: Gum Grafting - Periodontics of Southern Illinois

Soft Tissue Grafts

When the tissue around the tooth recedes, it leads to an unsightly condition. It can lead to sensitivity of the tooth, tenderness to the tissue and even loss of bone which could lead to the loss of the tooth.

The following Grafting Options Exist:

Free Gingival or Autogenous Tissue Graft

When tissue recession occurs, a procedure is required to replace the loss band of attached tissue. With this procedure, Dr. Renner, Dr. Stanczyk or Dr. Bushong takes some of the firm attached tissue from the surface of the roof of the mouth to build a better band of tissue around the tooth. Without this procedure, the receding gum tissue could eventually extend into the unattached cheek tissue.

Connective Tissue Graft

This procedure is similar to the Free Gingival Graft, in that tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth, but this tissue is taken from below the surface of the palatal tissue. This tissue is used to increase the thickness of a deficient area or it can be used to help cover an exposed root surface. With this procedure, Dr. Renner or Dr. Stanczyk can improve esthetics in covering longer looking teeth.

Acelluar Tissue Graft(Alloderm / Dermis)

This graft is like the Connective Tissue Graft, but instead of using tissue from the roof of the mouth, cadaver tissue is used instead.