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Oral Hygiene

Periodontal Maintenance

Routine cleanings are advised to ensure the health of your teeth. Plaque develops every day, whether you eat food or not. Plaque is mainly bacteria, and this bacteria leads to decay and periodontal disease.
Decay occurs when bacteria takes sugar from the foods we eat and drink and make acid. This acid eats at the surface of the tooth causing decay.

Other bacteria produce toxins and enzymes that cause gingival inflammation (gingivitis) or bone destruction (periodontitis).

Plaque undergoes a maturation process. The longer plaque is left on your teeth, the more destructive it becomes.

Periodontal maintenance is a “patient-specific” time period. Some patients can get their teeth every six (6) months, while others need cleanings every three (3) to four (4) months, depending upon their disease susceptibility and/or calculus build-up. Susceptibility depends upon the type of bacteria in a patient’s mouth, smoking, alcohol, genetics, hormones, home care habits, medications and health conditions, etc. This is what makes periodontal disease a multi-factorial disease or condition. The doctors at Periodontics of Southern Illinois will recommend the cleaning recall schedule that best meets your specific needs.

Periodontics of Southern Illinois employs experienced registered dental hygienists to assist in maintaining your dental health. They will instruct you in home care and provide you with individual periodontal cleanings.