: Implant Vision - Periodontics of Southern Illinois

The Implant Vision Mission

ImplantVision provides dental professionals worldwide with rich multimedia tools (dental implant consultation software, videos for websites, and custom DVD’s) to effectively and efficiently educate patients on the benefits of dental implant treatment.

Implant Vision Presentation

Dental Implant Video Presentation

The Implant Vision Solution

Our patient-friendly content introduces patients to dental implants, and explains the consequences and options related to single, multiple, or complete tooth loss. Bone grafting topics are also covered to help the patient fully understand and appreciate the importance of adequate bone for dental implant treatment.

The Implant Vision Quality

Each scene is reviewed by renowned dental implant specialists to monitor clinical accuracy and ensure the videos are patient-friendly.

The Implant Vision Promise

We guarantee that ImplantVision products will streamline your dental implant consultations and significantly reduce the learning curve for patients when it comes to understanding their treatment options and the significant benefits of dental implant based treatments. You will enjoy an increase of case acceptance and a decrease of consultation time. We are so sure that your practice will benefit from ImplantVision products, that we have backed our products with a 30-day money back guarantee.