: Post Operative Instructions - Periodontics of Southern Illinois

Post-Operative Instructions Following Periodontal Surgery


You may experience some discomfort when the anesthesia wears off. Usually there is a spike of pain during the first 6-8 hours. During this period, take whatever works the best for you for pain such as – Advil, Motrin, or Extra- Strength Tylenol unless something specifically was prescribed for you for pain.

Note: If an antibiotic was prescribed, be sure to finish the prescription as prescribed. Be sure to take your antibiotic and any pain medication with food.

Reminder: If you develop any itching or a rash when taking any prescription – discontinue the prescription and immediately call your physician.

Oral Hygiene

Brush and floss the rest of your mouth as usual. Avoid brushing the surgical site. Tomorrow take warm salt water (1 teaspoon of salt in an 8 ounce glass of very warm water) and let it sit on the surgical site for 1 minute, then gently rinse with the remaining warm salt water. Do this a least six (6) times per day for the next week. Peridex rinse may be prescribed for you, if so, please use this rinse as instructed. DO NOT USE A STRAW FOR THE FIRST 5 DAYS AFTER THE SURGERY.


The dressing is placed to protect the treated area and keep it comfortable. It takes approximately 2-3 hours for the dressing to set. During this time you may drink cold liquids but do not drink anything that is warm. DO NOT CHEW ON THE SURGICAL SIDE. DO NOT USE A STRAW FOR THE FIRST 5 DAYS AFTER THE SURGERY. We would like for the dressing to stay in place for 1 week if possible. If the dressing comes off early and surgical area is comfortable, do not be concerned. However, if the area is tender, or if you prefer to have the area redressed, please call the office. Sutures (stitches) have been placed and if the dressing comes off early you may be aware of the sutures. Normally we use sutures that will come out on their own. We will remove any dressing and/or sutures at your post/op appointment the week after your surgery.


For the next week, your diet should be limited to a soft diet (pasta, eggs, casseroles, Carnation Instant Breakfasts). For the next 2 weeks, AVOID food with small particles (popcorn, peanuts, and sesame seeds).

Reminder: When taking any prescriptions – be sure to take the medication with food. Drink plenty of fluids.


It is normal to have occasional blood in your saliva for the next 24 hours after your appointment. However, if oozing occurs, take a wet piece of gauze or a moistened tea bag and form it in the shape of a “U” and apply it to both sides of the dressing, holding it with gentle pressure for twenty (20) minutes. If the bleeding has not stopped after twenty (20) minutes please call the office or your periodontist.


Swelling is normal after any surgical procedure. The maximum swelling can occur up to 72 hours (three (3) days) after the surgery. To help minimize the swelling, take the following steps: After you arrive home, apply an ice pack on the outside of your face over the treated area (15 minutes on /15 minutes off) alternate these intervals for to 3-4 hours after the surgery. It is not unusual to have some facial bruising occur after your surgery.


Rest as much as possible for the next forty-eight (48) hours. Do not lay flat. Elevate your head with two (2) pillows when lying down for the first few days after your surgery.

Extraction/Bone Grafting

Please avoid chewing on the site during the healing phase. DO NOT DRINK THROUGH A STRAW FOR THE NEXT 3 WEEKS


Please avoid chewing or placing any pressure on the implant(s) during the healing phase. This includes pushing on the implant with your tongue.

If you have any problems or concerns following this appointment, please feel free to contact our office during normal working hours. If after hours, please call your periodontist at the telephone number provided below, if unable to contact your periodontist please call any of the other periodontists listed.

Joseph A. Renner, D.D.S.
(618) 581-7300 (cell)

Jason L. Stanczyk, D.M.D., M.S.
(618) 973-2852 (cell)

Brandon A. Bushong, D.D.S., M.S.
(314) 602-3784 (cell)