: First Visit - Periodontics of Southern Illinois

Your First Visit

Your initial visit is an important first step in letting us provide the best in oral health care. We take time to get know you as a person and identify your unique dental needs. A comprehensive periodontal examination, an oral cancer screening and a detailed review of your medical and dental history are completed. If needed, diagnostic x-rays will be taken.

To facilitate your initial visit, we would like to request the following information:

  1. Make a list of all medications you are currently taking
  2. The names of any medications to which you have had an allergic or adverse response
  3. Notify us of any special medical condition requiring pre-medication with antibiotics – artificial heart valves or joints
  4. Inform us as to who is referring you and why you are being referred to our office and if any recent dental x-rays have been taken by your dentist
  5. Dental insurance information

After obtaining and reviewing this information, we will discuss our findings and make recommendations for your treatment options and fees will be given. At this initial visit, we do require payment. The business assistants will file your claim; however, you are responsible for the payment at the time of the appointment. We will keep your referring dentist updated on your recommended treatment. We feel privileged to provide periodontal and dental implant care to you. We look forward to meeting you and developing a relationship based upon mutual respect and commitment to achieving and maintaining excellent dental health.